How to stay motivated

June 06, 2021

How to stay Motivated all the time?

how to stay motivated all the time
Do you want to know how to stay Motivated and Productive. I will help you because i asked this question to me many times.

Like- Normally I stay Motivated and due to which my work becomes better. And I perform better in everything, but sometimes I become demotivated and the graph of my condition becomes up and down (zig-zag).

How to stay motivated

So I want myself to stay motivated all the time. What should I need to do that my progress becomes great .

I Found the right answer for this question in a book of poems.

First of all I understood that the graph you want like a straight line can only be achieved, if you are dead. you might seen in movies when somebody is at his last stage. The somewhat machine besides him sounds tin tin tin(sound) and then suddenly tinnnnnnnnnnnn(sound). So if you want that straight line its only gonna happen after death. And that you probably don't want. so you have to understand that the life is unpredictable and it sometimes goes up and down too. No need to worry about that its natural to get demotivated sometimes.


This thing  is actually not bad. It is a point were we should rest.. for example a tiger rests at the same position for hours and waits for the perfect time to go on hunt. Probably if it will think like us that why i am resting i should go and hunt and not seeing if its perfect time or not.

Then the tiger will stay hungry. You should learn from it, that you can't do work all the time. and it does not mean that you should go and sleep. You must observe what is happening and focus on its reasons and consequences. Like the Tiger, its body is in rest but not the focus and thinking isn't stopped.

 As I said Many peoples always ask this, that how to stay motivated all the time. And you now know that its not possible, than what is possible? Before the answer, you should know that motivation means doing something. Now ask your self how could somebody work all the time. Its not possible, So you have to understand that you can not stay motivated all the time. Because if you are working then absolutely you are going to rest too.

 I can give you a very interesting example, A story about two woodcutters... 


 "There were to woodcutters, Each of them used to cut 10 trees a day, but later some days the first woodcutter started cutting 20 trees per day and the other one dropped to just one tree a day. Both have the same strength and got same tools to cut the tree. Even the first man doing it in 4 hours and the second taking 8 hours to cut 1 tree. You may know think how is it possible. let me tell you.

When somebody asked the first woodcutter that how he is doing it fast and easily. The man replied "I am cutting trees for 4 hours and then everyday I used to sharp the cutting tool I use." it makes it easy to cut trees. Because if you don't sharp your tool then its capability will reduce. 


Same with us if we always work, we loose our strength. So its necessary to rest and sharp your mind. In easy words, I can say you to work "smart" not hard.

 Now think "am i really making my works to smart work or not".

What are you doing to make your mind better?.. how brains power increases?

                              how to stay motivated

Let me help you ... give your brain some rest ...I am not talking about sleeping, you have to be aware ..your brain have to be aware but do nothing.

Can you guess how much improvement you can see after doing this. You can not even imagine the level of brain power you can get. Each and every scientist from biggest to biggest have a point in common, that is, they used to sit hours and hours at the same place, in some cases.. for days. And what are they did by just sitting and thinking. That's the point where all the inventions ever happen in the history of mankind. By doing nothing but being aware. On the other hand many scientists came and gone, what they did? 40-50 years the worked. They used to spend in labs researching. -They keep doing it, but they didn't done anything.

Always remember that, by doing everything, will not happen everything. The day you understand the power of doing nothing is the day you stop doing hard work like an animal. and think like human.

(Remember: when you are motivated from up to down, you can only work,and when you only work, you stop thinking. - Bhargav Karlapudi )